We focused on usability
while enhancing security and control

We offer through our App and E800partial and full stack solutions

#1 Verification

Border authorities can mount the E800 on the border to replicate the app‘s feature so also Non-Smartphone user or those who have forgotten their smartphone can participate in a digital custom service.

E800 can be found near border authorities e.g. airports or locations between two countries.

#2 Passport Validation

The smartphone app asks for a validation of a persons identity based on predefined metrics.

All kinds of passports plus special or limited residence permits which still allow VAT reclaim are supported. For instance in Switzerland e.g. Ausländerausweise B and C are supported likewise conventional identity cards.

#3 Export Proof

While having crossed the border the export proof is performed by obtaining a stamp from the authorties.

With the smart solution provided by vatblock we use cutting-edge technology to determine if the endconsumer declaring vat export & refund carries the goods with him. In that sense the app checks if all requirements are fullfilled.

#4 Export Validation E800

If the articles are exported using the E800 the user receives a valid flag after the essential checks have been performed.

Thus the user can self declare and export without border control intervention. Having an effective routine in place to guarantee a high level of security the E800 is used as a validation and vat refund solution.