Digital Validation based on APP and E800
mitigate risks and increase efficiency

International Airport

The mega-cities of the world attract multiple tourist shoppers around the world. The duty free shopping does not start at the airport but right in the cities. With the concept developed and executed by VATBLOCK the airport takes the important part of entering/leaving VAT zones. Thus E800 and the APP solution provide a flexible VAT Export refund for places where there is no time left to loose.
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We are excited to work with the technological leader in the field of VAT. Thanks to their great assistance we can improve the VAT process for our international tourists and connect the airport to its metropole.
Kevin Studer
Process Manager, Airport FRA
We sought for a partner who could tell us more about the VAT lifecycle and we found not only the concepts to learn about but more so the execution partner understanding all our needs.
Bernd Leies
Operation Officer, Airport BSL

Authorities & Institutions

For the financial department the VAT contributes to a stable household. Therefore the VAT should be measurable and this assumptions should be correct. Studies have revealed that the manual VAT steps in declaring and approving VAT consitute a risk to planning and controlling. Errors are detected much to late and impairments are irreversible.
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We are eager to pilot the new technology. We await less workload for our border controls and less overhead cost for clearing VAT related matters. Our authority has investigated the VAT export challenge and found VATBLOCK as a promising product for us.
Thomas Lind
Project Lead, Financial Department (EU State)
Since the numbers of VAT exports have risen in the past years to 6.000.000 yearly we had to evaluate different technologies. At the end the decision was clearly taken by our department board. According to the figures we will lower significantly our overhead costs.
Diana McCoy
Project Lead, Financial Department (EU State)

Retail Industry

All major retailer operate stores in cross-border situations and offer their international clients the possibility for complete tax refund, e.g. a price discount of up to 20% on their buying total sum. The retail industry utilizes our VAT Technology to validate and secure the whole process chain. With VATBLOCK their international clients can checkout their goods on the border and obtain refund through us or on next time return to the retailer.
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In simple words we like what this team does. They have introduced a process with super-smart technology and now we have a completly save and measurable VAT export process. Hats off!
David Specht
Finance Department, Food Retailer (Germany)
We were informed that cross-border shoppers are impacting our numbers as their buying power is by multiple times higher then the local`s. We had to act and took the right technological partner to execute.
Emma Schmidt
Regional Manager, Drugstore Brand (Austria)