High-quality RFND process with zero waiting-lines to provide impressive RFND service for cross-boder shoppers.

RFND Productline

Drugstores & Pharmacies

Learn how you can increase customer satisfaction in your retail stores and pharmacies exposed to cross-border shopping. The validation takes only seconds.

Customer loyalty

RFND comes with awesome features and immediate payout to ensure that your customer frequently shop at your place.

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3 x higher purchase

Endusers offered recurrent VAT payout tend to purchase 3 x more goods per purchase. That's a huge leverage which RFND brings in.

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Realtime Controlling

Each VAT payout is trackable for the controlling department. Days with VAT refund payout without monitoring are gone.

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Digital validation

Our RFND digital tries to bring the full power to your clients hands. With only their smartphone they can optionally export goods (soon). We roll out this technology iwith customs approval.

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Less Workload

Our technology lowers all departments workload related to emit, control and verify to be tax compliant. Our audit reports based on assessed and peered data attests 60 - 70% less workload.

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We offer different levels of integration whereupon the Barcode integration allows the generated ticket at the R800 immediatly to be deducted from the purchase.

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# Great Reference

”We and our customers are very happy with RFND. As a result we equip all our cross-border stores with RFND technology. Without RFND we could not guarantee for each customer the same service level as dealing with it at the cashier is quite a bad idea. “

Sales Director, Drugstore brand